Mountain Stats

Find quick information in Big White's Fast Facts, browse a brief overview on the Okanagan Area and our Past Opening Dates for each season.

Fast Facts

Fast Facts

1. Location:

  • 56 km (35 miles) from Kelowna to Village Centre. East/southeast of Kelowna from Hwy 97 via Hwy 33 and Big White Road.
  • 45 km (30 miles) from Kelowna to the Westridge base.
  • Airport Shuttle available from Kelowna Airport.

2. Winter Hours of Operation:

  • 2015/2016 Season: Opening Early, Friday November 13th, 2015 to April 10th, 2016 (Usually late November to mid-April)
  • Day Skiing: 8:45am - 3:30pm Daily
  • Night Skiing: 3:30pm - 8:00pm Tuesday to Saturday
    *Night Skiing times vary at different times of the season

3. Annual Snowfall:

  • 750 cm (24.5 ft) average

4. 15 Lifts:

  • Lara's Gondola - 600m (1,969 ft)
    Top Elevation: 1,760m (5,781 ft)
    Bottom Elevation: 1,671 (5,482 ft)
  • Snow Ghost Express - 1,868m (6,128 ft)
    Top Elevation: 2,105m (6,906 ft)
    Bottom Elevation: 1,655m (5,430 ft)
  • Bullet Express - 1,770m (5,807 ft)
    Top Elevation: 2,151m (7,057 ft)
    Bottom Elevation: 1,748m (5,735 ft)
  • Ridge Rocket Express- 1,814m (5,953 ft)
    Top Elevation: 2,095m (6,873 ft)
    Bottom Elevation: 1,654m (5,427 ft)
  • Gem Lake Express - 2,445m (8,020 ft)
    Top Elevation: 2,222m (7,290 ft)
    Bottom Elevation: 1,511m (4,957 ft)
  • Black Forest Express - 1,458m (4,785 ft)
    Top Elevation: 2,037m (6,683 ft)
    Bottom Elevation: 1,720m (5,643)
  • Powder Chair - 896m (2,940 ft)
    Top Elevation: 2,150m (7,054 ft)
    Bottom Elevation: 1,845m (6,053)
  • Plaza Chair - 592m (1,942 ft)
    Top Elevation: 1,765m (5,790 ft)
    Bottom Elevation: 1,660m (5,446 ft)
  • TELUS Park - 679m (2,227 ft)
    Top Elevation: 1,995m (6,545 ft)
    Bottom Elevation: 1,820m (5,971 ft)
  • Falcon Chair - 795m (2,609 ft)
    Top Elevation: 2,250m (7,382 ft)
    Bottom Elevation: 1,987m (6,519 ft)
  • Alpine T-bar - 1276m (4,188 ft)
    Top Elevation: 2,285m (7,497 ft)
    Bottom Elevation: 1,952m (6,404 ft)
  • The Cliff - 651m (2,135 ft)
    Top Elevation: 2,260m (7,415 ft)
    Bottom Elevation: 2020m (6,627 ft)
  • Beginner Magic Carpet - 137m (450 ft)
  • Children’s Magic Carpet - 20m (66 ft)
  • Tubing Magic Carpet - 300m (984 ft)


5. Total Uphill Capacity:

  • 28,000 skiers per hour
  • 20 million Vertical Transport Feet (VTF) per hour   

6. Terrain:

  • Resort Area: 7,355 acres (3,052 hectares)
  • Patrolled Area: 2,765 acres (1,147 hectares)
  • Groomed Area: 905 acres (367 hectares)
  • Alpine and Glades: 1,525 acres (618 hectares)
  • Western Canada’s Largest Resort Night Skiing Area: 38 acres (15 hectares)   

7. Elevation:

  • Summit: 2,319m (7,606 ft)
  • Village Centre: 1,755m (5,757 ft)
  • Westridge Base: 1,508m (4,950 ft)

8. Runs:

  • 118 Designated Trails
  • 18% Beginner
  • 54% Intermediate
  • 22% Expert
  • 6% Extreme
  • Longest Run: 7.2 km (4.5 miles) - Around the World Route - it runs from the top of the T-Bar to Bottom of Gem Lake
  • Total of 105km (65 miles) of marked runs   

9. Vertical Drop:

  • 777 m (2,550 ft)   

10. TELUS Park:

  • Boarder/Skier-Cross course that can be tuned up to run regional, national, and World Cup events
  • Beginner/Intermediate and Intermediate/Advanced lanes combined with Rails and Jumps 

11. Cross Country:

  • Big White offers 25 km (16 miles) of incredible combined Nordic and Wilderness trails perfect for Canadian cross country skiing and snowshoeing.  14 kilometers of trails groomed daily with state of the art grooming equipment for both skate and classic technique.

12. Ski and Weather Conditions:

Average Totals

*Big White usually closes mid April and doesn't record snowfall past the closing date for that season.

2007-2012 Average Min Temp Average Max Temp Total Snowfall       
December -10.5C (13.1F) -6.5C (20.3F) 132.0cm (52.0")
January -9.0C (15.8F) -5.0C (23.0F) 117.5cm (46.2")
February -8.5C (16.7F) -3.0C (26.6F) 109.0cm (42.9")
March -8.5C (16.7F) -1.5C (29.9F) 133.5cm (52.9")
April -4.0C (24.8F) -2.0C (28.4F) 40.0cm (15.7")

13. Accommodation:

14. Water Quality:

  • Big White's water is some of the best in the world read more >>

15. Retail:

  • Dizzy's, home of North American's finest bootfitters.  Located in the Village across from the Village Centre Mall.
  • Altitude Ski Shop is in The Village Centre Mall and carries a wide range of clothing, equipment and souvenirs.
  • The Village Rider located downstairs in the Village Centre Mall features an array of snowboards, snowboard paraphernalia and trendy styles.
  • It's the Snow gift shop situated on the lower level of the Village Centre Mall carries an eclectic array of knick-knacks.
  • Loose Moose Emporium, located in the village, has everything for kids 12 and under.

16. Restaurants and Bars:

  • Full array of facilities ranging from cafeterias to fine dining. A total of 23 restaurants, cafes and delis, which includes 8 lounges/bars.
  • Entertainment and nightlife includes regular après-ski with live bands in bars and pubs. 

17. Ski and Board School:

  • Over 100 qualified instructors. Ski, Snowboard, Telemark; Private and Group Lessons. Special Improvement Camps; Kids Ski School voted #1 in Canada; Ladies Day, Seniors' Ski Club; Recreational Race Camps; TELUS Park Flight School & Heavy Metal Shops.   

18. Daycare:

  • Big White's Tot Town Day Care is unique, exciting and filled with activities and adventures. Children are kept busy with a mixture of indoor play and (weather permitting) outdoor activities. The Tot Town Daycare is for children aged 18 months to 5 years.    

19. Snow Hosts:

  • Complimentary mountain tours offered by our Snow Hosts. Snow Hosts meet daily in the Village at 10:30am.   

20. Activities:

21. Amenities:

  • General/Deli/Liquor Store
  • ATM
  • Lockers
  • Internet Access
  • Rental Shop
  • Ski and Board Repair Shop    

22. Wi-Fi:

Keeping you connected in the places that matter most. Share your mountain moments courtesy of free Wi-Fi powered by TELUS.  

TELUS’ free and friendly Wi-Fi is open to everyone visiting Big White Ski Resort. TELUS smartphones automatically connect to the #TELUSdirect network when in range. All other devices can connect to #TELUS through a simple splash page to enjoy the same service.

23. General Email:

24. Real Estate Sales Contacts:

  • For information on building lots, chalets, and condominiums, please visit Royal LePage or call/email:

Andrew Braff
Gary Turner
Steve Nicoll 

Mobile #: 250.469.4754
Mobile #: 250.826.9991
Mobile #: 250.470.7011

Okanagan Area

If you’re after fantastic snow, don’t look any further than Big White! 
“It’s the snow” is our motto and we live up to our name with an average 750cm (24.5ft) of Okanagan Champagne Powder falling annually. Our bountiful, dry powder is legendary and was awarded “Best Powder” by Ski Canada Magazine in 2008!

Located in the picturesque Okanagan Valley, Big White is uniquely blessed with sunny weather, dry powder and a mild average temperature of -5C (23 F). With 118 market runs fanning from the summit, 2,765 acres of skiable terrain, and 16 lifts, there‘s a great selection of terrain for everyone with deep powder bowls, wide-open glades, and great fall-line cruising. 
For the ultimate park experience, head to our award winning TELUS Terrain Park which is the best progressive park in North America. 
To top it off, slalom through the spectacular“Snowghosts” (snow caked trees) which create a magical backdrop in our winter playground.

As the largest totally ski-in, ski-out ski resort in Canada, you can experience the luxury of stepping straight out onto the slopes from our fantastic range of accommodation. There’s something for everyone whether it’s a luxurious self contained vacation home with a private hot tub, a cozy condominium or a welcoming hotel suite. Whatever you’re after, we have the makings for a memorable vacation.

You may be coming to Big White simply for the skiing and snowboarding, but you’ll soon discover you can have a true Canadian adventure. 
You can explore snow covered hills by snowmobile, explore backcountry on cross country skis and snowshoes, sleigh ride through the wilderness or mush behind a husky.
As BC’s premier family destination, we have a great range of events and activities for the entire family including night skiing, snow tubing, ice skating, mini z’s, fireworks and carnivals just to name a few… 
If you’re after relaxation, soak up the sunset in a steaming hot tub, sit by the fire sipping hot chocolate, tantalize your senses at one of the luxurious day spas or stroll through our enticing retail outlets.

After a day on the slopes, take your entertainment and dining experience to new heights with a feast of restaurants, lounges, coffee houses, delis, bakeries, cozy pubs and bars. Whatever you’re after, we have a scene to suit your pace.

Getting to Big White is easy, located just 56km (35miles) southeast of Kelowna there are plenty of travel options. Major airlines fly daily into Kelowna’s international airport which is the major gateway into BC’s interior.

Come to Big White for an unbeatable ski resort experience, we look forward to seeing you soon!

Past Opening Dates

Historical Opening dates


Season Opening Day
2015/2016 November 13th
2014/2015 November 29th
2013/2014 November 16th
2012/2013 November 29th
2011/2012 December 1st
2010/2011 November 25th
2009/2010 November 14th
2008/2009 December 8th
2007/2008 November 30th
2006/2007 November 25th
2005/2006 November 19th
2004/2005 November  25th
2003/2004 November  22nd
2002/2003 December 11th
2001/2002 October 20th
2000/2001 December 1st
1999/2000 November 27th
1998/1999 November 26th
1997/1998 December 6th
1996/1997 November 21st
1995/1996 November 19th
1994/1995 November 11th
1993/1994 December 4th
1991/1992 November 23rd
1990/1991 November 30th
1989/1990 November 25th
1988/1989 November 25th
1987/1988 December 4th
1986/1987 November 29th


Drinking Water

Big White's water some of the best in the world

If you’re shopping for groceries before coming up to Big White Ski Resort, here’s a hot tip: don’t buy any bottled water.

Sure, you might think that it’s a good idea to stock up on clean water before you get here. But what many people don’t realise is that Big White’s tap water is some of the cleanest and freshest available in the world – just as good as what you’d find in any supermarket.

Our water comes directly from Rhonda Lake, the lake that’s tucked right in to the base of the Cliff.  It’s 6600 feet above sea level and holds about 75 million gallons of fresh, clean mountain water.

Water from Rhonda Lake is sent all the way down the mountain to arrive at the Water Treatment plant, a big red building which sits on the run “Highway 33”.  Once at the plant, the water goes through a filtration system which immediately removes any suspended solids.

At the end of the process, the product is comparable to bottled water. In fact, recent tests done on Big White’s water found that it was cleaner than the distilled water that can be purchased in local supermarkets.

Maurice Valcourt is the Vice President of Utilities at Big White Ski Resort. 34 years ago, he started working as a millwright mechanic on the lift system at the resort. After studying water treatment at school, he was hired to manage the water on the hill.

Maurice knows everything there is to know about water – and he knows that Big White’s water is some of the best in the world.

“It’s very low on mineral content, it doesn’t have any carcinogenics in it, it doesn’t have organics in it,” he explains. “Compared to other communities, we don’t deal with fluctuating turbidity in our water from developing areas, we don’t have any logging or mining or any range livestock, so it’s protected from natural contaminants. It’s also protected from natural contamination in the winter by solid ice and snow pack.”  

It also helps that Big White water has a rapid distribution time. If you’re here at Christmas time, when the Village is full of people, it takes about seven hours for water to get from the lake to your drinking glass. If you’re here during the rest of the season, it’s an average of about 14 hours’ time flow. This means that there’s very little stagnant water ever sitting in the system – it’s fresh and clean, all the time.

Even in the summer, when barely anyone is up on the mountain, Maurice runs an extensive weekly flushing program which ensures that all the mains are kept clean and that any sediment is flushed out.

The bottom line is this: Big White has some of the cleanest, freshest water in the world, and it’s set to get even cleaner. Grab that glass of water and drink up!