Adaptive Ski Programs

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At Big White Ski Resort we want everybody to be able to enjoy the beauty of our surroundings and the exhilaration of winter sports.

Big White Ski and Board School, working in conjunction with People in Motion, is proud to offer a brand new Adaptive Skiing program for our destination guests. Our trained and certified instructors will get you out and enjoying the slopes on whatever equipment is required.

For people with physical disabilities we offer adaptive ski coaching that includes downhill Sit-Ski, Mono-Ski and Bi-Ski as well as 3-track and 4-track instruction. We have instructors who are qualified to teach children and adults with cognitive/developmental disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Autism Spectrum as well as visual/hearing impairments, and can provide multiple instructors or guides if necessary at no extra cost.

 Program  Times 

2 hours Adaptive Ski Coaching

 10am/ 1pm  


Lift Tickets 50% off with proof of BCAS membership

Pre-booking required at least 48hrs in advance in order to assess instructor and equipment availability.




Looking to Stay the Weekend?

Contact Central Reservations to book one weekend in some of our fantastic accommodation. We have a number of properties that are wheelchair accessible.

Wheel Chair Accessible Accommodation

Building & Rooms

Unit Description


Inn at Big White
Room 126 & 226

Superior rooms designed for wheel chair access. 2nd and 3rd floor rooms can be accessed via the elevator.

Unit Entry - 84cm (33in)
Washroom - 84cm (33in)

Chateau Big White
Room 112

Superior room with Kitchenette.

Unit Entry - 84cm (33in)
Washroom - 89cm (35in)

White Crystal Inn
Room 102

Superior room with Kitchenette, 2 queen beds, free wireless internet.

Unit Entry - 84cm (33in)
Washroom - 84cm (33in)

Grizzly Lodge

All rooms are wheel chair accessible, use Raven Ridge Road to access Village Centre Mall.

Unit Entry - 86cm (34in)
Washroom - 67cm (26.5in)

Whitefoot Lodge

All rooms are wheel chair accessible via the lift. Great ski-in ski-out access.

Unit Entry - 84cm (33.25in)
Washroom - 76cm (29.75in)

Chateau on the Ridge

Rooms on lower floor are wheel chair accessible, good ski-in ski-out access.

Unit Entry - 84cm (33.25in)
Washroom - 75cm (29.5in)

Plaza on the Ridge

Rooms on lower floor are wheel chair accessible, close to village with great ski-in ski-out access.

Unit Entry - 88cm (34.5in)
Washroom - 75cm (29.5in)


CONTACT US:   Phone-3-icon.jpg Direct: 250-491-6101   Phone-3-icon.jpg Toll Free: 1-866-491-9040   Email-2-icon.jpg

Programs for Locals

Adaptive Ski Programs for LocalsAdaptive_logo.jpg

Powder Hounds Adaptive Ski Program is part of People in Motion, a non-profit society located out of Kelowna, BC, Canada. This adaptive ski program is available to children and adults with disabilities who wish to participate in downhill skiing. The program is designed to meet the needs of athletes who are either intellectually, physically or visually disabled. The program runs 7 days a week during the regular Big White ski season.

There is no typical day for our clients! The individual needs, challenges and desires of each client are reviewed and discussed in advance by our staff. We then develop a plan to ensure a successful and fun ski day for the client. We encourage family members to join in and guarantee an amazing ski experience for the whole family. All equipment and support volunteers are provided and therefore booking ahead of time is strongly encouraged to ensure availability. There is a $50 fee to participate in the 2015/2016, this fee includes People In Motion's membership, instruction with certified Adaptive Skiing Instructors and full use of adaptive equipment.The program graciously accepts donations to ensure continued success.

The Powder Hounds Adaptive Ski Club was recognized in 2007/08 as the "Best Adaptive Ski Club in Canada" by Ski Canada magazine. We have entertained clients from all over Canada, the USA and the rest of the world including Dubai, Great Britain, and Australia. 

For further information and bookings please contact the People In Motion office at: 250.861.3302.

CONTACT US:   Phone-3-icon.jpg Direct: 250-491-6101   Phone-3-icon.jpg Toll Free: 1-866-491-9040   Email-2-icon.jpg